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Each day we offer you at least one different Fact of the Day, which is usually Pirate orientated:
Fact of the Day:-

The East Indian Trading Company really did brand pirates with a "P" on their foreheads.

Fact of the Day:-

According to contemporary observers, Henry Every's pirate flag was red with four gold chevrons. Although red was a popular colour for pirate flags of the time, the meaning of the four chevrons is not certain but is probably an attempt (justified or not) to link Every with the West-Country gentry clan of Every/Avery whose coats-of-arms showed varying numbers of chevrons, red on gold or vice versa.

Fact of the Day:-

To make sure that pirates' bodies remained intact for as long as possible after pirate executions, the corpses were coated with tar. Once coated, the body was fitted into a specially made harness of iron hoops and chains that held the head, body and legs in place.

On This Date In History
23rd November in 1499:- Perkin Warbeck, who impersonated the youngest son of King Edward IV, was executed by King Henry VII.