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Each day we offer you at least one different Fact of the Day, which is usually Pirate orientated:
Fact of the Day:-

Less known but also very active were pirates of the Far East: Pinyin Zheng Zhilong (XVII century), was a Chinese pirate leader who achieved great power in the transitional period between the Ming and Ch'ing dynasties. As a boy, Zheng found employment with the Europeans in the Portuguese settlement at Macau, where he was baptised and given the Christian name of Nicholas Iquan Gaspard. After leaving Macau, he joined a pirate band that preyed on Dutch and Chinese trade. In 1628 he was induced by the government to help defend the coast against both the Dutch and the pirates. He soon acquired great wealth and power.

Fact of the Day:-

Quite a few pirates were operating during the Elizabethan years when England and Spain fought over world domination. One of the famous pirates was Sir Francis Drake who circumnavigated the Earth, during which Spanish shipping was looted and Spanish California plundered, even though England was not officially at war with Spain.

When Drake and another pirate John Hawkins were almost captured during the Battle of San Juan de Ulúa in September 1568 the English cried foul treachery but the Spanish dismissed the action as sensible tactics when dealing with pirates.

Fact of the Day:-

Barbery pirates were any of the Muslim pirates operating from the coast of North Africa. Captains formed a class in Algiers and Tunis and commanded cruisers fitted out by wealthy backers, who then received 10 percent of the value of the prizes.

The pirates used galleys until the 17th century, when Simon Danser, a Flemish renegade, taught them the advantage of using sailing ships.

On This Date In History
20th January in 1839:- The British East india Company landed Royal Marines at the Port of Aden to occupy it and stop attacks by pirates against British shipping to India.
20th January in 1265:- The first English parliament met in Westminster Hall, convened by the Earl of Leicester, Simon de Montfort.
20th January in 1569:- Francis Drake, aboard the "Judith", reached Plymouth after surviving the the Battle of San Juan de Ula and returning to England across the Atlantic. The Battle of San Juan de Ula was a clear precursor of the war that broke out between Philip II of Spain and Elizabeth I in 1585.