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Each day we offer you at least one different Fact of the Day, which is usually Pirate orientated:
Fact of the Day:-

Don Martín Enríquez de Almanza (d. ca. 13th March 1583) was the fourth viceroy of New Spain, who ruled from 5th November 1568 until 3rd October 1580. He was subsequently viceroy of Peru, from 23rd September 1581 until his death in 1583.

Having been chosen by the Council of the Indies (Consejo de Indias) as viceroy, his first actions upon arrival in New Spain, at Veracruz, were to dislodge the English pirates from the Isla de Sacrificios, a base they had been using to raid the coast and Spanish shipping.

Fact of the Day:-

The Battle of San Juan de Ulúa was a battle between English privateers and Spanish forces at San Juan de Ulúa (in modern Veracruz).

The English fleet consisted of 5 ships: the Royal galleon Jesus of Lübeck (leased from Queen Elizabeth) under John Hawkins, the galleon Minion under John Hampton, and the barques Judith under Francis Drake, Angel and Swallow. A captured Portuguese caravel joined the privateers near the coast of Ghana, where the English competed with Portuguese slave traders. The ship was renamed Grace of God. A seventh ship, the barque William and John, sailed back home before the battle, but after reaching Ireland in February 1569, she was lost with all hands on her way back to England.

Following a full year of plundering and illegal trading, Hawkins decided to anchor his ships in the port of San Juan de Ulúa on 15th September for repairs and resupply before the return voyage to England. But while they were carrying out this re-provisioning a Spanish escort fleet also arrived in the port.

Fact of the Day:-

Emanuel Wynn (or Emanuel Wynne) was a French pirate of the 1700s, and is often considered the first pirate to fly the Jolly Roger. His design incorporated an hourglass beneath the bones to represent that time was running out. British Admiralty Records, in the Public Records Office, show in a report dated 18th July 1700, that HMS Poole, commanded by Captain John Cranby, engaged Wynn's ship off the Cape Verde islands. Cranby chased Wynn into a cove at Brava Island but, assisted by Portuguese soldiers, Wynn escaped.

On This Date In History
22nd July in 1587:- A second English colony, also ill-fated, was established on Roanoke Island off North Carolina.