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Each day we offer you at least one different Fact of the Day, which is usually Pirate orientated:
Fact of the Day:-

Charles Vane like many early 18th century pirates, operated out of Nassau in the Bahamas. He was the only pirate captain to resist Woodes Rogers when Rogers asserted his governorship over Nassau in 1718, attacking Rogers' squadron with a fire ship and shooting his way out of the harbour rather than accept the new governor's royal pardon.

Vane's quartermaster was Calico Jack Rackham, who deposed Vane from the captaincy. Vane later started a new pirate crew, but he was captured and hanged in Jamaica in 1720.

Fact of the Day:-

Stede Bonnet was was probably the least qualified pirate captain ever to sail the Caribbean, he was a sugar planter who knew nothing about sailing.

He started his piracies in 1717 by buying an armed sloop on Barbados and recruiting a pirate crew for wages, possibly to escape from his wife. He lost his command to Blackbeard and sailed with him for some time as a guest or prisoner. Although Bonnet briefly regained his captaincy, he was captured and hanged before he could return to the West Indies.

Fact of the Day:-

Edward - or Ned - Low was notorious as one of the most brutal and vicious pirates. His career as a pirate lasted just three years, during which he captured over 100 ships, and he and his crew murdered, tortured and maimed hundreds of people.

The "Pirates Own Book" and "Ossian" both suggest that Low was set adrift without provisions by the crew of the Merry Christmas, in a mutiny brought about by Low's murdering of a sleeping subordinate following an argument. Low was subsequently rescued by a French ship; when the French authorities learned of his identity he was brought to trial, and was hanged in Martinique, in 1724.

On This Date In History
27th April in 1717:- Samuel Bellamy (born c. 23rd February 1689) died. Also known as "Black Sam" Bellamy because he eschewed the fashionable powdered wig in favour of tying back his long black hair, he was a formidable pirate in the early eighteenth century.