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Each day we offer you at least one different Fact of the Day, which is usually Pirate orientated:
Fact of the Day:-

Robert Newton, the actor who portrayed Long John Silver so brilliantly, was born in Shaftesbury, Dorset in 1905.

He died from a heart attack in Beverly Hills, California in 1956. He was interred in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

Years later his son Nicholas scattered his father's ashes in the sea in Mounts Bay, Cornwall, England near Lamorna where he had spent his childhood.

Fact of the Day:-

Blackbeard once shot one of his most trusted men, in the knee, his excuse being that if he didn't kill one of his crew now and then, they would forget who he was.

Fact of the Day:-

John "Calico Jack" Rackham employed two of the most notorious female pirates of the age as part of his crew – Mary Read and Anne Bonny.

On This Date In History
16th November in 1720:- Calico Jack Rackham and the male members of his crew were tried and convicted of piracy at St. Jago de la Bega.
16th November in 1702:- Admiral John Benbow was buried in the chancel of St Andrew's Church, Kingston, Jamaica. A marble slab was later laid over the grave, emblazoned with a coat of arms and inscribed: Here lyeth the Body of John Benbow, Esq., Admiral of the White, a true pattern of English Courage, who lost his life in Defence of his Queene & Country, November the 4th, 1702, In the 52nd year of his age, by a wound in his Legg. Received in an Engagement with Monsr. Du Casse; being Much Lamented. In 'Treasure Island' The Admiral Benbow Inn where Jim Hawkins and his mother live is named after this real life Admiral John Benbow
16th November in 1272:- Henry III died.